Earth Day AND My Birthday 🎂

My Birthday AND Earth Day 2023:

The Year of Climate Action!

Help me celebrate my birthday by helping our earth.

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It’s almost Earth Day! Every year, on April 22nd, people all over the world come together to celebrate and show appreciation for our planet. From planting trees with young kids to hosting local clean-ups with teachers and parents, it’s a great time to remind ourselves why taking care of the environment is so important.



Before we go any farther I’d love for you to check out my sons post on composting!


As we come closer to celebrating Earth Day this April 22nd, what better way can we honor our planet than by taking a step together towards becoming more sustainable?!

Not only is making strides in sustainability great for the environment, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to teach kids valuable lessons through hands-on learning.

Whether you’re looking to get the whole family involved or encourage those under your care with an engaging activity – there are plenty of ways to make Earth Day 2023 both meaningful and fun!

We can start by reducing our own carbon footprints. See additional ideas about reducing carbon footprints now.


With that said, read on as I provide some ideas of how you can help conserve energy in your own home while teaching environmental awareness at the same time!

Not only do we get an opportune chance to appreciate the beauty of nature and have some fun outdoors, but more importantly: We get a chance to spread awareness about protecting the planet.

With creative projects like recycling campaigns or litter pick-ups throughout your community, this day is a positive opportunity for everyone!

So let’s dust off that old picnic basket, gather your family & friends together, and explore ways in which we can all join up in reducing waste!


There’s no better way to celebrate our beautiful planet Earth than by teaching kids about its importance.



As parents, it’s important that we find creative ways to get children engaged in activities related to eco-activism – and what better an opportunity than Earth Day!


There are various fun activities that teachers and parents can involve their children in, such as planting seeds or picking up garbage off of a beach. But why stop there?


Another great way to observe Earth Day is simply taking your children out into nature for a day – a true marvel of creation!


Our Earth Day celebrations are the perfect way to help our kids understand why taking care of the earth and protecting its resources is so important.

It’s especially critical that we all work together to teach young people about this momentous occasion, not just for their knowledge now but for the health of generations in the future.

So let’s make sure we have some fun and get creative with our Earth Day indulgences! Whether it be family field trips, classroom activities or at home science experiments, here are a few ways to explore and educate our children about this special time of year.

  • Turn off the lights. …
  • Turn off the water. …
  • Plant a tree or a bush. …
  • Plant perennial flowers. …
  • Clean up a park or forest preserve. …
  • Feed the animals. …
  • Gather and recycle batteries. …
  • Use glass bottles.
There are a number of ways you can teach children about the Earth
  1. Read books. … you can find some beautiful ones here:
  2. Spend time in the outdoors. … create a garden.
    This is a wonderful start,
  3. Teach them about water and electricity conservation. …
  4. Create a story about the earth. …
  5. Participate in a local event. …
  6. Create recycled art. …
  7. Plant a tree, garden or anything else that can grow in your yard. …
  8. Create a compost bin for summer gardens and plants. My grandchildren are only 5 & 7 and they already know what a compost pile is because their parents are teaching them now.


5 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Celebrate Earth Day
  • Plant something. …
  • Ride your bike. …
  • Buy reusable bags. …
  • Use a refillable water bottle. …
  • Get produce from a local farmer’s market.


April 22nd is the official Earth Day, and it’s a great opportunity to remind students of all ages why we’re so lucky to be able to live on this planet – not only that, but how important it is for us as individuals to protect our environment!



Not only can teaching children about taking care of their home provide them with valuable lessons they’ll remember forever, but they’ll need these skills in order to eventually help create sustainable systems that will ensure the health and longevity of our planet in years to come.

As parents and teachers, we can join forces by engaging students in activities designed just for them – whether virtually or outdoors – that instill a sense of responsibility when it comes to preserving wildlife, eliminating pollutants from water sources, planting trees specifically planted in celebration of Earth Day…and more!

Every April 22nd, we take time to celebrate our planet and the importance of protecting the environment. This year, Earth Day 2023 has a special emphasis on climate action.

It’s crucial that we all come together to reduce our carbon footprint and push for sustainable energy sources if we want to ensure a healthy future for generations to come.


For Adults…..Why Does Climate Action Matters

Now More Than Ever?


The effects of global warming are becoming more and more apparent every day. From extreme weather events like hurricanes and floods to changes in average temperatures and ocean levels, it’s clear that our planet is rapidly heating up—and it’s up to us to stop it.

With Earth Day 2023 focusing on climate change, now is the perfect time for us all to take a stand against this global issue.


What Can We Do?


We can start by reducing our own carbon footprints. That means driving less, cutting down on energy consumption in our homes, and supporting businesses who use renewable energy sources instead of relying on fossil fuels.

We should also be pushing our governments to create policies that prioritize sustainability and combat climate change. This could include initiatives such as creating green jobs, investing in renewable energy sources, or creating stricter regulations around carbon emissions.

Finally, we can educate ourselves and others about climate change so that more people are aware of the urgency of this issue.

Day 2023
is an excellent opportunity for us all to commit to taking action against climate change. Reducing our own carbon footprint is a great place to start but alone it’s not enough; we must also advocate for policy changes at the local and national level that focus on sustainability.


By working together towards this common goal, we can ensure a healthier future for generations to come!

What will you do to help?

Let me know in the comments below 👇👇👇👇

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  1. Thank you Ann. I’ve always thought it important. My degree is in Earth Science AND education.

  2. Definitely teaching our children about how to protect Earth is important. We need to set up the next generation for success. I need to think about some things I can do better in my own life!

  3. Great ideas for some Earth Day celebrations. I love the idea of creating a compost bin or gardening, especially now that the weather is getting nicer.

  4. Hi Tonie, Thanks for sharing this interesting post about ways to turn the tide from global warming to one where we improve the environment on planet earth. I checked the link to those children’s’ books and will use some of those books for holiday gift-giving.

  5. Happy Earth Day Birthday! My brother in law is your birthday twin and shares the same joy of celebrating his birthday and earth day at the same time! Great tips!

  6. That’s cool. I had a student who shared my birthday and we continue to keep in touch 20 years later. Please tell your b-in-law Happy birthday from me! 🎂🎂🎂

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