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My Book of the Month for February is:



Little Owl and Big Owl are cuddled up at bedtime. Big Owl reminds Little Owl about all the special times they’ve had together and all the exciting adventures the future holds. It is a joyous, call-it-from-the-treetops rhyming salute to the love between a caregiver and child.

What a beautiful story to be told! Little Owl and Big Owl have such a special relationship and, in just few pages, we get to see all of the love, excitement and joy that consumes their bond.


It’s clear that these two owls will have many wild adventures ahead of them. We can relate to this wonderful tale of friendship as well, for we all want comfortable hugs, reassuring words and wild imaginings for our own lives.


This book is perfect for anyone striving for tender moments with a child-like audience. It’s no surprise why it’s our book of the month—it’s an amazing call-it-from-the-treetops rhyming salute to the anthemic love between a caregiver and child.


Parents everywhere can pick up this book knowing they’re getting an entertaining yet poignant read. Onward on Little Owl and Big Owl’s journey from dusk till dawn to firefly time!


“ Love You Hoo “ book paired with an Owl themed brown paper bag!

“ I used this bag for my kids Valentines goodie bag!

They loved it 🥰!! “





Homemade play dough tray with Love You Hoo❤️ Could pair with any love/valentine/heart book! I didn’t think of The Sound of My Heart until she’d dug in, so I couldn’t take pictures with that one 😆

So many things can be used for accessories! Get creative!

Here’s what we had on hand:

-cookie cutters
-googly eyes
-pipe cleaners
-foam hearts
-flower cutout
-cupcake liners


’Reading Love You Hoo is the perfect way to end the day with your child. For the parent, it reminds you of the beautiful relationship that you have.
Despite the crashes, hurt feelings, and skinned knees of this world, the two of you have a special bond. For the child, it is reassuring to hear your parent tell of their love and that they will always be there. Plus, how much fun would it be for the two of you to duet on the hoo-hoos and woo-hoo-hoos.”
Kirkus Reviews
The loving parental sentiments ring true, and young listeners will chime in on the “hoo” sounds throughout the story.

We hope you have enjoyed reading Love You Hoo and Big Owl. This magical story of friendship and love will remain timeless, showing all children that they are loved no matter what.

The journey may bring storms and losses along the way, but with a loyal companion by their side, every child can feel comforted in knowing that life is full of good times as well as bad.
For that, let’s say it with Big Owl: I love you hoo! If you’ve been inspired by this tale of companionship and want to check out similar books then why not join our Book of the Month club?

Here at Tonie’s Books we are always searching for new stories which teach us about friendship and loyalty in our own lives – subscribe now and get your first book free!


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  1. This book looks so precious and I love the ideas for activities to go with it! So cute, thanks for sharing!

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