5 Reasons Why Reading to Your Kids is Important

5 Reasons Why Reading to Your Kids is Important because as a parent, educator or caregiver, you know that reading is an important skill to foster in your kids.


But why is reading so important? Here are 5 reasons why reading to your kids is essential:


1. Helps them learn about the world around them.
2. Develops their imagination and creativity.
3. Teaches them new words and how to use them.
4. Encourages them to practice their listening skills.
5. Gives you quality time together!


1. Helps them learn about the world around them – When you read books with your kids, they are exposed to new ideas, cultures, and worlds that they might not otherwise be able to experience.

This can help them develop empathy and understanding for people who are different from them. Additionally, reading non-fiction books with your kids can teach them about the world around them in a fun and engaging way.




2. Develops their imagination and creativity – Reading fiction books allows kids to use their imaginations to picture the events and characters in the story.

This can help them develop their own creativity as they think about what could happen next in the story or come up with their own stories based on what they’ve read.


3. Teaches them new words and how to use them – One of the benefits of reading with your kids is that they will be exposed to new words that they might not hear in everyday conversation.

As they hear these new words used in context, they will start to understand how to use them themselves. This can expand their vocabulary and improve their communication skills overall.



4. Encourages them to practice their listening skills
– In order to follow along with a book, kids need to practice their listening skills.

The more they read, the better they will get at listening carefully and paying attention to detail. This is a valuable skill that will help them in school and in other areas of their life as well.


5. Gives you quality time together! – Lastly, reading with your kids is a great way to spend some quality time together while also fostering their love of reading.

You can bond over your shared love of a particular book or character, and create lasting memories in the process!





So there you have it – 5 reasons why reading with your kids is important!


By reading with your children, you’re helping them learn about the world around them, developing their imagination and creativity, teaching them new words and how to use them, encouraging them to practice their listening skills, and giving yourself some quality time together!

What’s not to love? So grab a book and snuggle up with your little ones today – they’ll love it (and so will you)!

By dedicating a little bit of time each day to your child’s reading habit, you can help lead them toward an incredibly bright future full of possibilities.


Remember to come back every month to check out more of our books!


Plus, you’ll find it adds something special to their relationship with you and their understanding about the world around them.

This month why not challenge yourself to pick up and read a book together as a family. Not only will you enjoy the bonding time that comes from sitting down with a great book but best of all, your kids will gain a love for reading much faster than if you were to leave it up to them alone.


Reading books to children from an early age is an important part of their development that should not be overlooked. As parents, it’s our responsibility to introduce the joy of reading by actively engaging in reading activities with our kids.

Reading books can open up a world of imagination, knowledge, and language development for them. Here are some tips to get started:


• Set aside time each day for reading. Choose a specific time when you can commit to having a regular reading session with your child.

• Read out loud and make it fun! Use different voices while reading or ask questions during or after the story to engage your child in the content.

• Make use of digital resources and apps available online that provide interactive read-alongs and audio books so they can experience stories in different ways.

• Choose books that are age-appropriate and that reflect the interests of your child. Ask librarians or book experts for suggestions if you’re uncertain which titles would be best suited for your child’s age level and interest level.

• Take advantage of public libraries as well as book stores so that your child can pick out their own titles to read, allowing them more autonomy in selecting what they want to read which helps foster a love of learning through literature.

Encouraging a love of books from an early age will help children develop strong language skills, creativity, concentration, comprehension skills, problem solving capabilities, empathy, understanding of other cultures and values, imagination, self-confidence, and more!

It’s never too late to start reading together – so let’s take action now by picking up a book and sharing stories with our kids!


Here are my recommendations to get your littles started….

With all these benefits and the fact that babies brains are like sponges, reading to your 4 month old is the best age to start and a great way to start building the bond of loving language together!

It can be something really special that you get to build more of as he/she grows older. If you’re looking for some ideas on what books to begin with , look no further.


My “Book of the Month” selection can give you ideas for titles and topics regularly flowing through your house! Why not have fun with it? Read stories about animals, puppies, nature, or even aliens – the possibilities are endless. So go ahead, have fun, and read wonderful stories with your babies today!


One of my favorites for toddlers is:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Once I Caught a Fish Alive…

It Comes complete with a rod for capturing the magnetic fish, helping to improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as the child retrieves the numbered fish.

You can find it at: https://b8486.paperpie.com/p/10427/1-2-3-4-5-once-i-caught-a-fish-alive


A to Z School Joke Book, The , is another great one!


When your child is school age get them started on:
100 Things to Know About Saving the Planet (IR)

This visually stunning book is filled with 100 fascinating facts about looking after our planet, bright, infographic illustrations, and links to specially selected websites to find out more.

Series: 100 Things to Know
These friendly books break info down into bite-sized chunks, making it an accessible introduction for anyone who wants to find out about these fascinating subjects.


Adventures of Alfie Onion, The … a great read for 7-9 yr.olds

Alfie Onion is off on a great adventure… carrying his brother’s luggage. But when elder brother, Magnifico turns out not to be the hero he’s cracked up to be, Alfie saves the day – with a little help from his loyal dog, a talking horse, and a pair of meddling magpies.




Bully on the Bus. The title says it all!

All the emotions seven-year-old Leroy experiences as the bully on the bus taunts and threatens him are perfectly captured in this sensitive and beautifully written verse novel. The heartwarming ending is empowering and offers courage to anyone who’s ever felt small.


So start your exciting journey into literature by picking one family favorite and get the book of the month club started!
Email me to get started at: tonie@tonieteaches.com


37 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Reading to Your Kids is Important

  1. I’m going to save your book recommendations, it’s always hard to find good books for the kids. 1,2,3 fish book looks good, thanks for sharing

  2. Fantastic article on the importance of reading to your children! I have always been an avid reader and made sure that there were always books in the house when my kids were little…still have loads of books now that they are teens as well! Reading is so important and one of the most wonderful pastimes!

  3. Thank you.I agree and now trying to instill the importance of reading to my grandchildren.

  4. As a homeschooling parent, it is so important to read to our kids. My oldest is 14 and we still do read-alouds every day. It’s so important that our children know that learning doesn’t end once you’re done with school. Thanks for the book recommendations too!

  5. Reading to you kids is a wonderful way to spend quality time together. I loved reading to my girls and now my grandbabies.

  6. I miss the days of reading to my child. I appreciate your 5 reason’s why reading to them is so important AND for the great suggestion list.

  7. I agree with all of this! Reading to kids is so important. I will have to check out your recommendations. My youngest is 13, but I love picture books and children’s books. You’re never too old!

  8. Thank you Trish, I love that you homeschool. Wish I knew about that when my kids were little.

  9. I agree Sandi…my grandkids love reading and I love that they love to be read too.

  10. Yes, I believe reading to your kids is important. I still have many of my kid’s books to share with my grandkids. When I go to their place, I ask them to get some books to read to me.

  11. Fabulous post! Reading to your kids is so important. Reading together ever night is one of favorite memories with my son. And his love of reading followed him through to adulthood. He and I now have a mom-and-son book club, which I cherish.

  12. I love book recommendations! I love reading to the kids! These are great reasons to read to your kids!

  13. Love these reasons why reading to your kids is important. I miss my girls being little, so they can sit with me and we can read together.

  14. I agree! Reading to children is so important. I read to mine as they grew up. And they now read to their children.

  15. Reading to your kids is super important! I’ll be honest – reading together in my family wasn’t something we did and I was always envious of families that did. But as an individual, school helped me fall in love with reading. I know once I become a parent I will definitely read to my kids.

  16. Reading to your kids is very important in helping them learn new words. Thank you for sharing!

  17. It is very important to read to your kids1 My nephew loves books, and I enjoy buying him books to keep at my house! We have the best time when I watch him reading and looking at the pictures.

  18. Hey, this is a great post. I have a question though, at what age do you start reading for them? My toddler would just tear the pages and put them in her mouth

  19. Hi, research says 4 months…but I started early and let them chew away…lol.

  20. Hi, research says 4 months…but I started early and let them chew away…lol. It gets them to at least holding a book.

  21. The art of reading with a physical book, even independently, seems to be going out of style. At least it seems in my town. Which is a CRYING shame! I hope that changes with a little awareness! Thanks so much for sharing!

  22. That’s awesome, I’d like to think as a teacher I instilled that in my students.

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